How do I determine the condition of my iPhone?

It is important to accurately rate the physical and functional condition of your iPhone for Trade in purposes.
These ratings are crucial to helping sellTrade meet your expectations.

Please read below to decide in what “Condition” bracket your iPhone falls in.

Excellent (Working)
The iPhone is fully functional, looks brand new and has NO signs of wear (cracks, scratches, scuffs, marks, etc.).

Good (Working)
The iPhone is fully functional with slight wear such as faint scratches or scuffs (no cracks).

Fair (Working)
The iPhone is fully functional with moderate wear such as deep scratches or scuffs (no cracks).

Poor (Working)
The iPhone is fully functional with heavy wear including small cracks that do not interfere with functionality.

Broken (faulty)
The iPhone is complete but has functional or physical problems that prevent it from working properly like water damage or a cracked touch screen that interferes with functionality.
This iPhone was also never repaired or attempted to be repaired as well as complete. Thus no buttons or screws or any parts inside missing.

Please note: We do not purchase devices that are severely damaged or totally destroyed.

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