How to check if an iPhone is maybe stolen?

Here at SellTrade we take our responsibilities very seriously and pride ourselves in the ethical way we run our company.

As a result, we check all the phones sent to us with CheckMEND to ensure they are in the hands of the rightful owner as we do not want to pay people for phones that are not theirs to sell.

CheckMEND is one of the worlds largest reports service for consumer electronics which means they have a large database that contains more than 50 billion serial numbered items of property.

They have a strong relationship with the police, public, retailers, recyclers and networks all over the world.

CheckMEND works closely with its data providers to ensure that information for newly manufactured devices, lost/stolen phones are up to date.

Take a mobile phone, for example, CheckMEND will provide information for that handset detailing its functionality, value and most importantly if the mobile had a previous owner only (with no additional information about the owner).

CheckMEND helps us to avoid buying stolen or counterfeit goods including a mobile phone that may be blocked or barred.

Each check comes with a CheckMEND report that you can provide with the item or items you’re selling.

Just to clarify, it is possible to check the background history of ANY item that has a unique identifier such as a serial number or an IMEI number (which is found on phones).

Anything can be checked. The list is endless as far as we know.

We hope you find this service helpful and if you have any problems or questions relating to CheckMEND please email them at

When we run a check on CheckMEND and get the all clear but between the time we run the check and the time we receive the iPhone that status of the handset changes we only ever use the lasts status check which we run when we receive the phone.

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