Safely sell your iPhone to SellTrade

Selling your iPhone online can be very tricky!

There is no easy way for us to see if the iPhone you are sending us is what you promised it to be until we have tested it ourselves.
The flip side of the coin is also true.
You don't know if we will pay you the promised amount or that we will pay you at all?
This is where TradeSafe comes to the Rescue
They give you Peace of mind as a neutral third party to monitor and transact the exchange of the iPhone and your Cash Payment.
This way every Transaction is Safe, Secure and Successful!

See how it works

SellTrade iPhone Trade in offer

1. You accept our Offer

The transaction begins when you do a Checkout on our website accepting our instant cash offer for your iPhone.
SellTrade Online Quotation System

2. SellTrade pays TradeSafe

We deposit the money we owe you with TradeSafe for safekeeping. TradeSafe will email you a signed letter of confirmation that we did actually deposit your money with them. They a licensed financial institution like a bank.
Ship iPhones to SellTrade

3. iPhone ships to SellTrade

You can now release your iPhone to our couriers as you now have the peace of mind that your money for your iPhone is safely secured behind the shield.

4. SellTrade approves the iPhone

Same-day inspection. Once your iPhone is delivered to our warehouse it will be inspected for clearance.

5. TradeSafe release the money

If your iPhone is what you promised it to be then TradeSafe will release your money to your bank account the same business day.
As Easy as That!

We're rated as "Excellent" with 4.7 out of 5

The Trusted place to sell iPhones for more than 4 years.

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