Now, Apple trade-in iPhones for way less than before.

When you go to your local Apple Store you might be surprised by the sudden low price Apple is going to offer you for your old iPhone.

The reductions were reported by MacRumors, which revealed that the maximum trade-in for the Apple iPhone’s changed overnight. For example, the iPhone XS Max dropped with over 17% overnight!

According to a list of trade-in prices compiled by MacRumors, the iPhone XS Max received the biggest reduction with over R1500 drop in value!
All iPhone models since the iPhone 6S, (the oldest one accepted in the Apple trade-in program), received reductions to their maximum trade-in values.

Though not publicly announced by Apple these lower trade-in values are already in effect. Just go to the official Apple website and see for yourself.

Apple has heavily promoted its trade-in program on its website and at its retail stores, with CEO Tim Cook recently claiming that a third or more of customers who visit Apple’s retail stores end up trading in an older iPhone for a newer model.
Maybe this is Apple way of squeezing out a bit more profit from their trade-in program?

Maybe it’s just because of the new calculations which take into account the depreciation of iPhone’s second-hand values?

Guess we will never know.

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