Over 3000 New Trees planted in cities all over the world

Most people don’t know that planting new trees is one of the best ways to create healthier and more eco-friendly cities.

Trees provide immense value from lowering temperatures and energy use to cleaning the air and reducing water pollution.
Trees also make sure that thousands of different types of birds and other wildlife’s wellness are also improved.

The Cities4Forests initiative to re-green city environments all around the world has very busy and hosted 22 different tree planting events from Philadelphia to Kenya in the past few months.
So far in 2019, they have planted over 3,300 trees with over 800 volunteers in urban spaces. And while that may sound like a humble number compared then keep in mind that trees in these type orf areas need to be larger and more mature, often requiring more effort to get in the ground!

Larger and more mature trees are better able to thrive in less nutrient-dense soil as well as increased pollutants in the air.

Here are a few of their urban reforestation highlights:

500 Trees in Accra, Ghana
500 trees were planted by 50 volunteers of the Accra Metropolitan Assembly in Mamprobi Community, Accra! They teamed up with students from local schools as well as local representatives from the community to get the trees planted.

400 Trees in Nairobi, Kenya
In Nairobi, Kenya 75 volunteers planted 405 trees of various species! The trees were planted at Loreto Covent primary, Ngong Road, and Satellite police Station. Colleagues of the project have been hard at work trying to improve the greenery in Nairobi. In addition to this project another 1,000 trees were planted for World Environment Day, 2,000 trees in Bomas of Kenya Nhong Forest, and 320 trees at the Riruta Primary School!

Thanks as always to OneTreePlanted and the Cities4Forests initiative in helping these reforestation projects happen, it would not have happened without you!

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