The quick way to sell your iPhone X for cash

Sell iPhone X for cash

There’s lots of money in selling your iPhone X.

Actually, iPhones get better second-hand prices compared with models from other manufacturers.  For example the Samsung S and Huawei P and Mate Series smartphones.

However, delay too long and you run the risk of losing out.

Based on Research an iPhone will depreciate quickly in value after it gets replaced by a Newer Model.
To give you an idea within two weeks after a new iPhone gets announced, your iPhone X will be worth 5 per cent less, and by four weeks after launch, you can expect to get 12 per cent less, and after 2 months it would have lost more than 20 per cent of its resale value!
Thus if you have an iPhone and you want to upgrade, then you will lose a lot of money if you drag your feet.

Now that you’ve decided to sell your iPhone X, the next big challenge is finding the best price.
Here’s how to sell your iPhone and get the best possible price for it.

Sell it to others directly on BidorBuy, OLX, Junkmail, Gumtree and so on.
Online classifieds are a great way to sell your iPhone and will give you the most control on your expected price.
If you are willing to deal with how to set up your classified, How to Find and Upload photo’s of your iPhone and not the least dodge Scammers, Price haggling and lots of emails and bogus offers then you have a good chance to sell your iPhone to an eager Apple fanatic.
OLX often prove the quickest and most lucrative avenue for discarding your iPhone in your local area but beware of lots of scammers who will try to steal your iPhone from you. You need to be wide awake when you use them.
Keep in mind that you will need to pay a sale fee which can be up to 15% of the sales price.
Thus add it to the price for potential buyers, and you should include shipping costs, so it won’t cost you anything extra to sell.
Once you accept an offer, you’ll need to package and mail your iPhone normally within 24 hours.

You can Trade your iPhone X  in for credit.
If you don’t have a problem to accept store credit as opposed to cash, there are several Online Stores and Brick and Mortar Stores that will offer you gift certificates instead of cash.
You can then use it against the price to buy your new smartphone.
How it normally works is that you will need to take your iPhone to go through an appraisal process and then the Store will make you an offer.
Keep in mind the amount of credit you will get depends on your iPhone’s age and condition, as well as it differs wildly from store to store.

Sell it to an Online Store.
There are also plenty of online stores willing to pay you your old iPhone should you decide to forgo the hassle associated with places like Gumtree, OLX and the like.
The majority of online services work in the same manner and require you to submit information like the carrier, memory, physical condition etc. before you receive any sort of quote.
They will then make you an offer and – should you accept – you can then print out a shipping label and will need to safely package your iPhone and courier it to their Physical Address.
After that, you should receive the payment within a week or two.
This is if you did not accidentally send your iPhone to a Bogus Online Shop.

Tips to take away:
Sell as soon as you can:
The longer you hold on to your iPhone, the less money you’re likely to get for it.
Whenever a new iPhone model is announced, many websites get bombarded with trade-ins from people looking to upgrade to the latest-and-greatest.
It’s based on supply and demand, but prices are sure to drop as time goes on.

Do your homework:
Shop around for the best offer available – don’t settle until you know you’re getting the best deal in town.
If you’re already planning to purchase something from one of the retailers that offer give cards instead of cash, it might be worth opting for the store credit since it is sometimes higher than any cash value you’re likely to receive.

Remember to completely wipe your iPhone before you sell it:
You don’t want all of your pictures and emails falling into the wrong hands!
The option to Erase All Content and Settings can be found under General in your smartphone’s settings.

Good luck with your sale, and enjoy your Sparkling New iPhone when it arrives!

And as a last to all iPhone owners.

If you want money fast and the best price possible with the least hassles and have a 100% guaranteed payment for your iPhone, then the safest route is to consider trading in your phone to SellTrade.
You’ll be glad you did, especially when you see how much money you can make with one fast and simple process.

Our track record in the industry can’t be beaten.
Rely on your friends at SellTrade to handle your iPhone trade in the right way.

From start to finish, the entire process is lightning fast and hassle-free.
It all starts with our “Online Quotation System”  asking a few very simple questions to help us assess the condition of your iPhone, determining how much it’s worth.

We’ll then make you an offer – one which we know will be hard to beat.
If you like the offer and agree to sell your iPhone, we’ll then give you a 100% payment guaranteed through TradeSafe.
Our Overnight Couriers will then pick up your packaged iPhone at a time and place convenient to you. Also at no charge.
As easy as that!

When we receive your iPhone at our warehouse, we’ll inspect it and pay you within 24 Business Hours.
If the iPhone is not what you described it to be in the Online Quotation System’ we will then need to change the offer and send you a new one.
If you accept it, great!
If the revised offer isn’t what you had in mind, we’ll send your iPhone right back to you, again without any charge to you.

In simple terms, there’s absolutely no risk for you. That’s what makes SellTrade the smart choice when it comes to selling your used iPhone X or any other iPhone for that matter.

When you use SellTrade to handle your iPhone trade-in, you’ll receive money and we will also plant a Tree!
That’s a win-win for everyone and one of the main motives behind our business in the first place.

So don’t delay – find out today what your payout will be when you sell your iPhone to us.
With SellTrade, it takes a few seconds and it doesn’t cost a thing.

You will thank yourself later.

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