Why use us?

How about 14 good reasons to use us.

Apple products at SellTrade


Sell your iPhone instantly from the comfort of your home/office.

Risk Free

None of the risks you undertake with online classifieds and auctions. Your payment gets guaranteed. Even before you ship your iPhone to us.

Your iPhone Instantly Sold

The fastest way to sell your iPhone online. No need to wait for a buyer or Online Auction or Bid for your iPhone.

Fast Payments

Within 24 Business hours after we received & inspected your iPhone.
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Free Collection

We collect your iPhone completely free of charge, and arrange with you the exact time the collection will take place.
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Selling your iPhone is finally simple

Selling your iPhone shouldn’t feel impossible. Battling with Classifieds for weeks or Trade-In programs with store credits both sucks!
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Fair Value

Know what you get for your iPhone instantly. No more haggling with offers from potential buyers etc.

Complete Data Destruction

100% of consumer content is removed from all iPhone's using state-of-the-art technology as soon as they arrive with us.
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Without your trust we won't have a Business. We take this very seriously!
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Broken iPhone?

Broken screen? Water damage? We buy iPhones in all conditions.
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No More Annoying In-Store Credits

It’s your iPhone, so we believe in letting you choose how you want to get paid.

Environment Friendly

We pay for a tree to be planted for every iPhone sold to us. This way the impact on planet earth is minimised, and best of all, you get paid for doing something good!


No hidden charges or selling costs. The price we quote is the price you receive in your pocket.
Packaging at SellTrade

Simple & Fair

We tried our utmost best to make our conditions fair and simple to understand. You won't get caught out and be left disappointed.